Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. So today I am going to be doing a DIY post which so unusual and new for me because I never thought that I was creative enough to make diy posts or anything even near DIY. But here I am. So without further delay I give you some ways to enhance your choker.

CHANGE THE Image result for tattoo chokerCOLOUR: So this one is very easy but very effective if you are bored with the same color and want to change the color permanently. All you have to do is grab a nail paint of your choice and paint the choker with your favorite color some colors can be golden, pink, orange etc .But be careful with the details.

  1. ADD A BEAD: So this one is like a last minute hack or anything you want to call it but like the previous one this one too is quite effective. What you do is take a charm or bead of your choice and slide it in a small piece of wire. Then make a loop out of it but before closing it totally attach it the choker and close it so that a part of the choker is also in the loop and voila, you have a choker with a charm.

Image result for tattoo choker

3.   COLOUR PREFERENCE: So many times what you want is a choker that matches your dress and you really really want to stand out .In that case what you can do is take a string of your choice which of course matches with your dress and just kind of knit it between the  loops of the tattoo choker and then finally secure it with a knot removing any excess.This is an awesome DIY and has proved to be 98% successful with me.So sorry guys but between this post I accidentally broke my choker so I don’t really have a picture and since this is a fresh idea I could not find one on the internet.

Image result for choker

  1. ADD CRYSTALS : so this one DIY is for the string chokers and all you have to do is take a few crystals of your choice and stick it on so that you have a classy choker for events like charity balls weddings etc.

So that was pretty much it for this post and I really hope you liked it.If you liked this post don’t forget to follow,like and comment because I really love it when you do.Guys don’t be harsh because I still am quite ne w to the whole idea of blogging





“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.”

– Dennis P. Kimbro

Hello my editors and welcome back. After a long busy schedule I have finally got the chance to make new post. So, tell me guys do you feel that sometimes you are really clumsy and you cannot concentrate on your work? Well if that is the case then you are definitely at the right place. Without further delay here are some amazing study tips.

Personality Development and Study Tips

  1. FIX YOUR STUDY TIME: This might be a very common suggestion made by other people, but believe me guys it really works. It helps you stay organized and helps you concentrate on one subject at a time. It may be hard to follow at first but you will get the hang of it eventually.
  2. READ ALOUD: If you are anything like me then there must be times when you just do not understand the paragraph or line or even a whole page. At times like these try leading that text aloud and I am sure you will understand it.
  3. MAKE WRITTEN NOTES: Now, by notes I do not mean you write every single thing the teacher says. What I mean is that you write down the important definitions and lines. This will help you a lot during exams.
  4. CREATE ABBREVIATIONS: We have made abbreviations for daily purposes like – LOL, IKR etc .Then why not use it for studying? We can make abbreviations like VIBGYOR to Learn the names of the colors of the rainbow, to learn capitals like ID that is India and Delhi etc.
  5. STAY HYDRATED: It is very important for your brain to stay hydrated when you are studying because it helps your brain to retain your knowledge.
  6. GET PROPER SLEEP: It is important for you to get at least seven hours of sleep so that your whole body stays fresh and active at all times.

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5 Songs to boost you up


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Hi everyone it is Nayani and I am back with a post on a fresh new topic. Today I will be telling you my top motivational songs that get me through hard times. You know whenever I am in trouble I hum one these songs and suddenly my mind becomes clear and I start seeing a way to solve the problem. So without further delay here are my top songs that get me through hard times.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”
Bob Marley

  1. ROAR BY KATTY PERRY – This is a really motivational song.It is not like there is a single line or paragraph that is motivational but the the song as whole is very motivational especially the chorus.This song teaches that people will keep on giving you a hard time but it depends on you to stand up and fight for you right.
  2. SHAKE IT OFF BY TAYLOR SWIFT- This song helps me get through hard times and through the times when I am really hurt by someone’s actions. The paragraph “But I keep cruising can’t stop won’t stop moving it’s like I got this music in my mind saying ‘it’s gonna be alright” and the chorus are really inspirational.
  3. MY FIGHT SONG BY RACHAEL PLATTEN– This is definitely a song I listen when I am going through rough times and it empowers me to never give up and keep moving forward. It is a song that gives you the power to break through all your rough times and look forward.
  4. TITANIUM BY DAVID GUETTA – This song is seriously motivational. This song tells us to be strong even when the world is throwing its worst at us . When we face hard times we must stand strong and not fall. We must as strong as titanium.
  5. WHO SAYS BY SELENA GOMEZ– This song tells girls to embrace who they are and not change themselves to please any other person’s eyes. Teenage girls often try to change themselves so that they can make others happy but that is completely insane. You should always be yourself and please yourself before pleasing anyone else.

So guys, that’s it for this post I hope you will benefit from this post and find what you were looking for I am searching for some new and fresh ideas and hope to find something cracking. If you like this post, don’t forget to like and leave a comment below. See you guys soon bye.




7 Tips to help make Everyday a Good Day


Hi everyone and welcome back to world of Nayani. Today I have something very special for you- I  am going share 7 tips  that will help you make the most of every day. So without further a due  I present you the “7 Tips to help make your everyday a good day.”


  1. Be Positive: According to me being positive helps you cope up with the affairs of daily life.. Developing a positive attitude helps in seeing the bright side of life thus, making everyday the best day of your life.
  2. 2. Think of something funny that bring a smile on your face: Look for humor in everyday situations. Remember a joke that puts a smile on your face. This will surely help when you are nervous.
  3. Take time to notice the lighter things in life: Life is not black and white……on the contrary it contains several hues of grey i.e. think of nothing that happens as only good or only bad.
  4. 4. Exercise daily: According to the recent studies people who are physically active are calmer, happier and more cheerful than people who are not physically active.
  5. 5. Help others: Doing an act of kindness or selflessness no matter how small it is, gives you internal happiness and relieves stress.
  6. Follow a routine: Following a routine helps you stay organized and helps reduce the levels of stress in your mind. It also helps refresh your energy and fosters the right mindset.
  7. Feel grateful for what you have : When you have the feeling of gratitude you feel calm and happy.

Today is among the greatest gifts in the world and we should enjoy it as it passes by. Also every day may not be good but there is something good in every day.

Image result for harry potter wallpaper hd

Hi guys it is me Nayani again. Today I want to share a story- about the events that led me to read Harry Potter 1: The Philosophers’ Stone. One fine day my sister started saying “hey, come on Nayani it’s about time you started reading Harry Potter “so I asked her that how is it possible for me to read it when I don’t have a hard copy? My sister suggested that in today’s world of technology one does not really need a hard copy , one can easily read an eBook. That’s how I got to read the first book in Harry Potter series. I fell in love with the first chapter and so began my affair with the Harry Potter series. My favorite character in Harry Potter has always been Albus Dumbledore because I love Dumbledore’s wisdom and insight.   He knows that he is not perfect but it is his humanity that keeps the story going . All those out there reading my post right now and are in search of a good series to start with and have no yet read Harry Potter series , guys as a friend I really suggest you to read it .